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To find out more about managing your money and get free debt advice, visit Money Advice Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my interest and charges get frozen?

Depending on which solution(s) you qualify for, they may include benefits such as guarantees to freeze interest and charges. If you qualify for these solutions you will have them explained to you in full, including their advantages and disadvantages and any costs or fees so you have a balanced and thorough understanding of the solutions you qualify for. You can then make your own informed decision on how you would like to proceed. Everybody’s individual circumstances are different, so get in touch today for free, no obligation support and advice.

Is it really this simple what's the catch?

There is no catch but dealing with debt means you have to budget. For a solution to succeed in clearing your debt you must make sure that you don’t promise to pay more than you can realistically afford. You might be surprised to learn that your creditors are likely to agree to accept less than you expected once they understand you are taking advice and action to sort your debts out.

Would I qualify if on a low income?

All we can do is see. We understand that everybody has different circumstances, which is why we encourage you to always get in touch and let us know your story. Let us see if we can help. We will focus on what you can actually afford rather than what your creditors are demanding. Most people qualify for at least one form of debt help and you will always be given information on whatever you qualify for, including debt solutions which may result in your debts being written off completely.

Would my lenders accept less than I owe?

We will recommend to you the amount you should offer to your creditors. Your creditors are obliged to allow you to keep enough of your income so that you have a reasonable standard of living. We will advise you how much you should offer as a fair payment towards your debts while making sure you keep enough of your income to cover payment of your living expenses. Even though this may mean that your creditors will end up receiving less than you owe them, your creditors are still likely to accept the payment offer we recommend.

What about my assets etc?

Most debt solutions will allow you to keep your assets; in fact some even protect them! If you become bankrupt most of your assets will be automatically transferred to the Official Receiver. You will be allowed to keep household furniture and equipment and your car provided it is not worth more than £1,000. If you are a homeowner your interest in your house, i.e. the amount you would expect to receive after payment of your mortgage and the costs of sale will be transferred to the Official Receiver. A Debt Expert can help you by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the various solutions so that you can choose the solution that is best for your individual circumstances

What is an IVA?

An IVA- Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a legal agreement that allows you to repay only what you can reasonably afford to your creditors over a pre-determined period of time – typically around five years. These payments are made in monthly sums and are split between your creditors after paying the costs of the IVA.

As a formal insolvency solution and an alternative to bankruptcy, every IVA is established and overseen by a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner – who acts as the mediator between you and your creditors.

What options do I have?

Debt Management Plan (DMP)

Available to residents of the UK

  • Have just one monthly payment as little as £75 for all your debts
  • Pay only what you can afford
  • Your credit file may be affected for up to 6 years
  • Cannot help with secured or current household debt (gas, water, etc)
  • Will last until debts are repaid in full
  • Not legally binding

Paying less over a longer period of time may increase the total amount repayable and also interest and charges may not be frozen

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

England, Wales and NI customers

  • Write off up to 85% of your debt
  • Unsecured debts included within in the IVA will be written off at the end of the agreement
  • Stops letters and collection calls
  • Consolidate all debts into 1 payment
  • Your details will be recorded on the insolvency register
  • Homeowners may need to release equity from their homes
  • Failure to comply with the IVA terms may lead to bankruptcy
  • Your credit file may be affected for up to 6 years
  • Expenditure may be restricted

Subject to creditor approval

Protected Trust Deed

Scottish residents only

  • Consolidate your debt into one monthly payment
  • Have a fixed term, usually 4 years
  • Write off all your remaining unsecured debts that were included in the Trust Deed, at the end of the term
  • PTDs are listed on the public insolvency register
  • Your credit file may be affected for up to 6 years
  • Homeowners may need to release equity from their homes
  • Failure to pay the Trust Deed could result in further action being taken like Bankruptcy
  • Expenditure may be restricted

Subject to creditor approval

Equity Release
  • Release tax-free cash from your home to pay down your debt
  • Take the money in a lump sum or over several smaller payments
  • Must be 55 or older to qualify
  • You will be required to pay set up and/or arrangement fees
  • May be early repayment charges
  • Equity release is expensive
  • May hurt your ability to save enough money for retirement
  • Get a fresh financial start
  • Be debt free in just 12 months
  • You may need to give up assets including your home & car
  • Income in excess of that needed for basic needs is paid to your lenders
  • Your bank accounts will be frozen
  • Can affect current and future employment
  • You may have difficulty obtaining credit in the future
Debt Relief Order

England Wales and Northern Ireland

  • Debts frozen for 12 months and then 100% written off if you can’t afford to pay them.
  • Low cost alternative to bankruptcy
  • Stops letters and collection calls
  • Only available if you owe less than £20,000 and have minimal assets
  • Not available to homeowners
  • The DRO will be recorded on a public register
  • Your credit rating may be affected for up to 6 years

Who is National Debt Advisory?

National Debt Advisory is a trading style of Adams Pickard Limited also trading as Bennett Jones Insolvency, company number 06783589, registered office 22 Lloyd Street Manchester M2 5WA, Data Protection Act Registration Number ZA109145. Our company specialises in the preparation and supervision of Individual Voluntary Arrangements.Gregory John Mullarkey is authorised to act as an Insolvency Practitioner in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by the Insolvency Practitioners Association

Money Simply Matters Limited (company number 06927674) of Suite 215, 2nd Floor Warth Business Centre Warth Road Bury Lancs BL9 9TB are agents of Adams Pickard Limited and Gregory Mullarkey, authorised by Adams Pickard Limited and Gregory Mullarkey to provide advice and information to visitors to this web site in contemplation of an IVA.

Money Simply Matters Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference 662080) to provide debt counselling services. The provision of these services by Money Simply Matters Limited to visitors to this web site is undertaken by Money Simply Matters Limited as principal and not as the agent of Adams Pickard Limited or Gregory Mullarkey. 

Do I pay a fee?

Fees are payable for IVAs These fees are included in the affordable monthly amount you pay. All fees are fully explained at the outset and during qualifying periods. You will be given all the information on fees so that you can make an informed decision before you proceed.

Example of typical debt solution & fees*

Monthly Payment – £149, Number of monthly payments – 60, Total repaid by you – £8,940, Nominee’s Fee – £1,900, Supervisor’s Fee – £1,750, Total paid to Creditors – £5,290,  Total debt level included – £21,105, Total debts written off – £15,815 (74.94% of total debts).

*Figures are based on IVA’s approved by Bennett Jones Insolvency in the last 12 months

How much do I have to pay per month?

A Debt Counsellor will help you determine this. When convenient we will review your income and your expenditure together. We will assess a fair and realistic amount you can afford after making sure you can pay priority bills like rent, gas, council tax etc. Then we will review what you pay towards normal everyday costs. Once we have done that we will be able to see what’s available to pay to your creditors. We will always aim to make sure you have a reasonable standard of living. This means we will never recommend that you pay an amount you couldn’t afford or sustain, which could later result in problems such as stress because you missed payments. More often than not we are able to arrange a payment, which is a lot more affordable for you than you may have previously thought possible.